The highest standards of food quality and safety

At Glance

The manufacture and provision of natural and compound feed was and still is one of the most important national industries, not in the Kingdom only, but at the world level because it is considered an integral part of the food security system. The Kingdom is one of the pioneer countries in this field due to its geographical area and population growth that has led to a continuous increase in the demand for livestock and poultry, and consequently an increase. nafa arabia , the company has been keen since its inception a decade ago to raise the levels of quality and increase production to meet customer needs and contribute to the support of the security sector and food, which supplies markets regions of the Kingdom in all feed types of composite high-quality poultry feed, including meat, mothers and white and all feed cattle and feed camels And cows, in addition to a special section for ostrich and horse feed. The company succeeded in raising its production capacity from 100,000 tons annually to 500,000 tons to meet the increasing demand for forage locally and regionally. The company is moving forward towards implementing a number of expansion plans in its production lines to contribute more in the development of the fodder production sector in order to achieve sustainable development in the food security system for the community

Our Vision and mission 

Raising the quality of the feed production sector in the Kingdom and implementing plans to develop and development its industry, in a way that contributes to achieving leadership at the local and regional levels. It is also contributing to achieving self-sufficiency in livestock, poultry and bird feed to support the food security system and secure local and regional needs for future generations in accordance with the Kingdom's 2030 vision.

Our Values

Maintaining the highest levels of quality and efficiency standards in all production lines and contributing to the development of the feed industry sector in the Kingdom.

Why Us !

The company’s facilities include a number of silos and storage facilities, as well as a fleet of transportation and distribution trucks. The company provides distinguished after-sales services, where a group of veterinarians, nutritionists and technical crews are dedicated to serving customers and providing solutions and consulting to ensure the highest levels of quality and service.

Quality and Food Safety

The company applies the highest standards of food quality and safety, as it owns an integrated research and development laboratory equipped with the latest equipment and supplies to analyze samples and follow up the production stages to provide its customers with the best types of feed.

Our Products

Feed Type Unit / Bags
Tarbia 12 % 50 Kg
Sheep 14 % 50 Kg
Sheep 18 % 50 Kg
Natural Mash 40 Kg

Livestock Feed

Feed Type Unit / Bags
Calf Feed 16% 50 Kg
Calf Feed 18% 50 Kg
Calf Feed 21% 50 Kg

Cow Feed

Feed Type Unit / Bags
Camel 14 % 50 Kg

Camel Feed

Feed Type Unit / Bags
Pigeon Feed 17 % 50 Kg

Birds Feed

Feed Type Unit / Bags
Ostrich Super-Starter 22 % 50 Kg
Ostrich Grower 19 % 50 Kg
Ostrich Breeder 18 % 50 Kg

Ostriches Feed

Feed Type
Breeder St.1  St.2
Broiler Pre – starter
Layer Feed 17 %
Breeder Pre Lay
Broiler Starter
Breeder Grower
Broiler Grower
Breeder 1  2 3
Broiler Finisher
Breeder Male

Poultry Feed