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The production of animal feed stands as a cornerstone within the national industry, holding significance not only in Saudi Arabia also on a global scale. It plays a vital role in ensuring food security for populations worldwide.

Saudi Arabia, with its vast geographical expanse and growing population, has emerged as a leading nation in the field of feed manufacturing. The continuous surge in the demand for livestock and poultry, driven by population growth, has propelled an increased need for high-quality fodder.

Established in 2009 in the city of Jubail, our company, Nafa Feeds, has been steadfast in its commitment to elevating quality standards and scaling up production with 400% growth rate in just a decade. Our primary objective is to cater to the evolving needs of customers while actively contributing to bolstering the food security sector. We achieve this by providing essential nutrition to livestock, poultry, and birds through the production and distribution of high-quality fodder.

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Our Values, Our Pride


Doing the right things. The right way
  • We always do the right things, the right way.
  • We maintain high standards of work and behavior when dealing with our employees and clients.


Taking charge without being asked
  • We take charge without being asked and offer solutions proactively.
  • We speak up on what is important for the company and utilize every opportunity.


Moving with speed and focus.
  • We move with speed and focus, adapting to transformational changes.
  • We simplify processes to drive results to us and our partners.


Authority with accountability
  • We share relevant information and feedback to empower people.
  • We look at ways to leverage technology. By fostering a culture of open communication, we seek continuous improvement and efficiency.

Customer Delight

Knowing what to focus on
  • We know what to focus on.
  • And we’re always trying to find a better way.
  • We anticipate needs and issues; we are highly responsive towards our clients and stakeholders’ needs.

Our Products

We have a wide variety of services so that our clients have good options.

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